How to Replace Your Windows During the Holidays

There’s no doubt about it; replacing your windows is a great choice. Not only will you enjoy solutions that make your home more efficient, but you’ll be able to select from styles that speak to your unique aesthetic.

However, window replacement doesn’t always have to occur at the same time of the year. Traditionally, homeowners take on new window installations during the summer months, as the temperature can be more bearable. But this isn’t always the case—and in this blog, we’ll tell you all about best practices for replacing your windows in the winter.

Before we tell you about holiday window replacement, we thought you might want to know more about us. Since 2005, Paradise Home Pro has been a top-rated window company in the Carolinas, offering a wide range of solutions. Even earning a handful of awards and accolades, including an A+ rating from the BBB, being listed as a Top 500 Remodeler, and more—we’re the window installation experts that you can trust.

Best Practices for Holiday Window Replacement

Replacing your windows during the holidays isn’t as simple as it is in the summer months. Given the conditions outside and the busy schedules of home improvement companies during this time, it becomes a little more complicated. When you’re hiring a window replacement contractor, you should check with them to make sure that they implement the following best practices:

  • Replace One Window at a Time: No one wants their home to become a freezer. By replacing one window at a time, you’ll be able to keep your indoor area more thermally controlled.
  • Implement Barriers: When the openings are on the larger side, make sure that your window installer is covering the openings with a plastic layer.
  • Watch the Doors: In order to keep the temperature within your home maintained, you’ll want to reduce the number of times your entryway doors are opened.
  • Keep It Clean: In the winter, it’s common to track mud and snow inside. Make sure that the window company you’ve chosen to hire comes prepared with tarps, booties, and other methods of keeping your home clean.

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